XY vs XX

XY vs XX

The case of the missing soap

Good morning roomies,
I woke up this morning to take a shower and when i went to use my bar of soap I couldn’t find it. I was wondering if anyone else has seen the bar that was bought a few days ago and was sitting on the rack in the shower under the shampoos.If you know where it may be please return it to its place so that i may be clean on the morrow.
Yours truly Schneur

Mr. Pil
I took a new bar of soap today but I’m certain it was mine it was the last one out of a pack of 3. I took it from the top shelf of the metal rack, I have the receipt and accommodating coupon that I used to purchase it as proof, purchased from Deals. What was your missing brand so we may (collectively) resolve this issue.

Andrei Kuzin

found it! it was on the floor

We Are Blessed To Have This Space

We met the “you wont’s” tonight. They lived in our building for several years - most of those years before we had arrived. They performed for CMJ with a harmonious tune, singing “we were blessed to live here”  - and I believe it too

How to welcome back roommates after they return from a cross-country adventure at Burning Man

No One Can Deny The Truth

Sobieski: 204 tested, Bruce Willis approved

Must’ve stuck his dick in crazy

During the wee hours of the weekend morning, Schneur’s car went under attack…by a bulimic girl who ate one too many bananas

There Is No Honor Among Thieves

We had sent LES on his way back to CT a week and a half ago. Set up a little first-aid kit, gave him a towel, food and a bus ticket from port authority. Instead, LES decided to stay in the city and live on a pier in a makeshift shelter. He disappeared for a while after that, but emerged this week speaking in ominous riddles.

The latest, he told us, was that he was hanging out with gutter punk kids and occupy wall street protesters at union square.

no time to talk, as it was rush hour - prime time to ask for spare change.

Life was good for him. He said he ate what he wanted and learned the ways of the street.

"occupy your mind" one facebook status said

another “There is no honor among thieves”

Happy Barfday, Grantholomew

Animal-shaped cookie-cutters to stick up your ass